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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Knitted Infinity Scarf

A few years ago I thought that crocheting and knitting was just for "older women". I was at college though one day and I saw one of my classmates crocheting in our department office. I was so surprised and couldn't believe she knew how to crochet. After I saw her that day I thought about how cool the idea of picking up some yarn and making something that I could actually wear was. It might be a stretch for some, but I LOVE making things and I am a creative soul. 

One day I got the urge to go to AC Moore and pick up some yarn, needles, and hooks because I wasn't sure what I wanted to make first. I guess I looked like a lost puppy looking at all of the different things I could get because a woman shopping asked if I need any advice on what to pick up. This woman was really sweet and helped me pick out some things and then proceeded to tell me she crochets 200 blankets a year for an animal shelter. TWO HUNDRED. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little intimidated as I went to the register to pay for my things. Well, fast forward a few years and here I am! 

Knitting and crocheting might look a little intimidating at first but there are some really great tutorials out there. I am a visual learner and there were so many great youtube videos that helped me when I got started. 
I knitted this infinity scarf with size US 35 needles. Those are big mamma needles so if anything the only "hard part" would be getting used to handling these large needles. These large needles make a super chunky knit which I absolutely love. For this project instead of getting bulky yarn I decided to try something a bit different and used two different colored worsted weight yarns together. I casted on 18 stitches and just did the simplest stitch you can do, the "knit stitch".

Here are some videos that can help you get started!

If you have been afraid to try knitting give it a shot! It such a great relaxing hobby to have. Once you get comfortable with knitting you can relax on the couch and watch your favorite TV show and knit a scarf for a friend!
Happy Knitting!

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