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Friday, December 5, 2014

Now Is The Time (Fresh Air)

Being outside and submerging myself in nature is one the things that makes me happiest.

Even right now when it is a bit chilly in fall, I love to walk around and let the sun shine on my back and breathe in the crisp cold air. I'm not sure why I find cold air so calming. I am sure most people find it annoying, and are already wishing it was summer again! I could actually do without the hot humidity of Summer as I much prefer Autumn and Spring.

If anyone lives on Long Island you might recognize where I took these pictures. 
If you don't, I had a little stroll through Bayard Cutting Arboretum  in Great River. 
It was absolutely freezing that day (36 degrees F) but it was SO nice because there were hardly any people there. I walked around for a good hour and a half and didn't see a soul because the grounds are massive. That is about as much as I could take though. My fingers started to turn numb by the end of my walk because I was taking so many pictures!

So I've been wanting to write a blog for a while now but was too afraid to try. I love to write but I've never been confident enough to give it a try. I love photography but I've never really tried as hard as I could and didn't think anything would come of it. I've always wanted to ___  and didn't because (bad excuse) :you get my point? Sure all of these things I just stated could be a bit daunting or scary for anyone. But hey. Why not try, huh?

Hence: Now Is The Time

Wow great segue don't you think? Sometimes by brain works well enough and I have a good idea or two ;)
All jokes aside though, the truth of the matter is you can do anything you want to if you try your hardest and believe in yourself. Sometimes that can be a very easy task, and other times not so much. I have always been a stubborn and anxious person. So as you might guess that deters me sometimes from trying new things.

    BUT here I am trying to write a blog and doing some of the things I've been afraid of trying for years. If nobody reads this or people do and they think it is total crap, at least I tried right? 

If anyone reads this and enjoyed anything I had to say let me know! Let me encourage you to get off your butt and try to do something today that you've been putting off or was discouraged to do. Heck. If I can do it I'm sure you can too. I've been trying to make it "now is the time" all of the time. I believe I've been a happier person because of this.

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